May 30, 2013

Chateau C'est La Vie: Summer Re-Modeling and Re-Decorating Projects.

I don't know about you but the words "redecorate, remodel and revamp" create waves of giddy excitment where giggles and giddy child-like excitement ensues. A house remodel construction site is my kind of amusement park...

And this my friends, is precisely what we are doing to our humble abode I lovingly refer to as Chateau C'est La Vie. Since purchasing our home many years ago we have made quite a few updates, cosmetic changes and decor transformations.  However this Summer, we will finally be able to make big changes. We are  closely working with an amazing contractor to make some serious remodeling on many of the rooms in our home. 

I am beyond excited, especially because I have already begun designing the color concepts and style changes that will go with this remodeling process.  Yes. After the dust settles and the debris is cleared out with the remodeling process, the real treat will begin for me, the re-decorating. I look forward to the days of editing, and changing and exchanging and moving things around until I have created the perfect space.

We are taking things room by room, month by month, so that we do not overwhelm our schedules or pockets!

The first room we decided to tackle was our Master Bedroom. Over the Memorial Day Weekend we decided to start with the walls. 

Here is a before:

And here is a Sneak Peak Collage of the After:

Still many more changes to come. But I am head over heels in-love with this soothing new color scheme!

Stay tuned for a full reveal along with plenty more pictures once this Master Bedroom re-vamp is completed!

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