August 19, 2013

Chateau C'est La Vie Remodel Updates

As mentioned in this post, this Summer we have decided to take on some larger scope remodeling and upgrading projects in our humble abode. Aside from a drastic color scheme change, (went from bold and beautiful to light and lovely), we have undergone some much needed improvements "afoot". That is we had our contractor install brand new Bamboo Flooring  in the Master Bedroom, Living Room, and Den, and it's Bamboolicious. (More on that below)

First, let me show you a teaser of our new living room. The color I chose for the living room is just a few hairs "mintier" than the barely-there pale blue of our Master Bedroom. It is called Serene Breeze by Benjamin Moore, and depicts that gorgeous light, airy and classic feel I was going for. How fitting that our Master Bedroom Paint Color is called "Dawn's Early Light" by Olympic.  Do you see a subliminal and admittedly unintentional nature theme going on here? I found that quite a serendipitous coincidence, because I'm all about introducing nature into your home whether it be with actual organic accessories or nature-inspired paint colors:)

Although not quite reflected in these pictures (due to lighting) the color is slightly more of a Minty Green than a Blue (depending on the time of day) and in the morning reflects  more like this Gorgeous New York Living Room designed by Designer Fawn Galli and featured on House Beautiful

(Fawn Galli, House Beautiful)

In any event, I am in-love with the new color scheme in here. I am working with what I previously had in terms of furniture and accessories, that is my motto, work with what you have until you can afford otherwise. However, I know this room will most certainly change and evolve in the following months and I will make sure to share those updates.

Just as a small reminder, this is the color that was previously on the walls, a saturated Mandarin Orange. Pardon the bad quality of the picture, but you get the idea.1 I also have plenty more pictures and updates about this room, here and here as well as plenty more posts under the "Chateau C'est La Vie" or "My Home" categories on the right hand side of the Blog.)I adore the use of  bold colors and am not afraid to use them in both small and large doses, however I am a huge advocate for change and making improvements especially in aspects like home decor. Especially as a decorator keeps things fresh, exciting and never predictable or boring....

(pardon the poor quality phone picture)

As for the floors, we knew right off the bat that we wanted to install something just-as-reputable- or even of higher standard tham hard-wood floors. These floors we selected come with a 35 year warranty, eco-friendly, water-resistant, fire-resistant, durable, aesthetically pleasing, yet functional and easy to maintain. Bamboo had been highly recommended to us by our Contractor, and we are quite pleased with the results. The floors are gorgeous!   The kitchen and bathroom will also be receiving new Bamboo floors, but in a slightly deeper tone and finish, as the kitchen is going through a major, major re haul. More on that in future posts.

(new bamboo floors right after installation, pardon the phone-quality picture)

 I will have plenty more detail pictures and final outcome reveals about the rest of the changes to our Chateau, especially once the Kitchen Remodel is complete! I have been breathing, eating and sleeping kitchen design for the past couple of weeks now, and after meeting and finalizing plans with our contractor, that design will finally come to life! So excited and can't wait to share, stay tuned!



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