October 14, 2013

Free and easy Decor Craft: How to make a Book Pedestal

How to make a Book Pedestal:

Having a few "under the weather" days is the perfect opportunity to engage in a free, easy and creative craft project while getting over whatever ailment prevents you from being outside enjoying the lovely Fall Foliage.

This is precisely  why the other day while sick at home, I encountered the following  idea on the inter webs and thought I had to try it! This is a perfectly creative way to recycle well read paper back books that would otherwise be thrown out or donated to the Goodwill. Best part? It's completely free!!!

I also found the process oddly relaxing and cathartic.....:) Without further adieu, here are the steps:

Step 1:  Choose one or two paperback books from 300-400 pages long (works best if it is right at 300 or so.) Remove the front and back covers as so:

I chose two books, of different lengths so that I could have varying heights. Also, can you tell what type of leisure reading I am fond of? Yes, guilty of Historical Fiction and nonsense wedding/event planning/romance books. Haha

Step 2: Once the cover is removed, begin by folding the first page in half and then back towards the left pushing it towards the binding.  Repeat this step for each page as so, pushing the folded pages back with one hand, as you continue to fold the other pages with your other hand: 

Step 3: Once you've done this process for every single page, you should come up with a self-made pedestal, as so:

 (I had to tape the larger one back a little to complete the pedestal feel, because that book had  more than 400 pages.)

Step Four: Voila your done. These can be placed virtually anywhere to create height and a visually interesting vignette.  I placed them here for now in my master bedroom, but they will find a new home in my bathroom atop of a new vanity we installed in there.  I will post pictures of that once its complete.

I think this is such a fun project, especially for those who like me, are avid readers, and easily collect books.

Let me know if you try it for yourself! 



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