February 13, 2014

A Modern Moroccan Master Bedroom

Design Plan for: Master Bedroom
Client: Elisa and Greg

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My most recent client Design plan is for a lovely family of four who are repeat clients. Elisa and Greg hired me some years back to transform their main living spaces - living room, dining room and kitchen - as shown  by clicking here. At the time they were looking for a functional yet stylish living space for their then family of three. Fast forward to present day with a new member of their family-  their adorable son  - a new apartment and the desire for a fresh new looking space, and I'm gladly back at work.

Elisa's first request and priority was for me to design a fun, creative, stylish space for their shared boy and girl bedroom, which I did here. Her next priority was for me to design a soothing, romantic Master Bedroom that would serve as a mini getaway for her and her hubby, and I gladly went to work.

The color scheme I chose was a combination of cool toned neutrals that would contrast nicely with all her warm wood existing furniture as well as pops of refreshing accent colors. The main motif I selected was to tie in a subtle Moroccan nod by incorporating lots of geometric patterns and textures. To serve as the main backdrop to this space, I chose a barely-there pale green (one of Greg's favorite colors) that will play a more nuetral role while giving a hint of freshness. My go-to paint brand -  as always is - Benjamin Moore, the paint color is Pale Vista - 2029-60.

The original space had a gorgeous architectural detail I wanted to make the most of , decorative molding on the walls , which is ideal to hang artwork, the decorative molding will be painted with bright white trim paint and serve as a gallery setting to hang the intricate tile print artwork I selected, as well as other personal and unique photography and paintings that will add the right touch of warmth to the room.

Elisa fell in love with the space! I cannot wait to see the final result. Next will be to move on to the living/dining spaces.

Here are the Before pics of that space:

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Stay tuned for a upcoming post on some great inexpensive DIY projects that can help elevate the look of your existing home accessories. I will also be adding how-to videos as a new feature for 2014.

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