February 4, 2014

A Shared Boy and Girl Kid's Bedroom

Design Plan for: Boy/Girl Bedroom
Client: Elisa and Greg

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cest la vie interios 2014

My most recent client Design plan is for a lovely family of four who are repeat clients. Elisa and Greg hired me some years back to transform their main living spaces - living room, dining room and kitchen - as shown  by clicking here. At the time they were looking for a functional yet stylish living space for their then family of three. Fast forward to present day with a new member of their family-  their adorable son  - a new apartment and the desire for a fresh new looking space, and I'm gladly back at work.

Elisa's first request and priority was for me to design a fun, creative, stylish space for their shared boy&girl bedroom. She asked that I incorporate both her son and daughter's tastes and personality into the space. The challenge of course was for me to represent both their individual preferences, while keeping the space cohesive and functional for growing children. She also asked for functional details, like a ceiling light and fan.
I knew right off the bat that I would choose a gender neutral color as the jumping off point for both the walls, bedding and curtains. My choice was a silvery light grey from my favorite paint supplier - Benjamin Moore - the color is Titanium 2141-60. 

From there I chose accent colors and design elements that would coordinate with the grey, while keeping an individuality for each child, to create a space that would feel their own, even if it was shared.

The original space had a gorgeous architectural detail I wanted to make the most of , decorative molding on the walls , which is ideal to hang artwork. An that is exactly what y design concept board emphasizes, lot's of personalized art work for each kid. For instance I noticed that J, Elisa's son has a fondness for cars, and was told by Elisa that A, her daughter, can't live without her zebra print. I made sure to select unique artwork that would reflect each of their tastes. I was also sure to incorporate DIY artwork projects that would be loads of fun for both parents and kids, while saving lots of money.

Elisa and her children loved the design plan! I can't wait for them to begin implementing the changes so they
can send me the After pictures! Next Elisa has requested I design her Master Bedroom and then the rest of her apartment. Stay tuned for those upcoming posts, very excited to work with a repeat client and create a beautiful livable space for them!

Here are the Before pics of that space:

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Stay tuned for a upcoming post on some great inexpensive DIY projects that can help elevate the look of your existing home accessories. I will also be adding how-to videos as a new feature for 2014.

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