March 31, 2010

Coming Soon: Ces't la vie Events Artwork/Photography Shop.

Aside from Interior Design and Event Planning, another one of my passions is Photography.  Using photography as artwork in the home is one of my favorite decorative tips and I am very pleased to be able to offer some personalized artwork options for you.

Ces't la vie events - photography artwork will soon be made available to the public. I will be adding a convenient on-line photography artwork shop where you will be able to peruse many colorful and detailed still life, travel landscapes, botanicals and natural wildlife prints.  All prints will be available in different sizes and finishes, printed on high-quality photography paper, and delivered to your home ready to be framed and add the perfect decorative artwork to your walls.
Please stay tuned for more details coming shortly.

March 26, 2010

Berry Bathroom Boudoir - Chateau Ces't la Vie.

Inspiration Board for: Bathroom
Client: Chateau Ces't la Vie.
From time to time I will be adding inspiration boards as well as before and after pictures of the Design Updates I do in my own home, a place lovingly called - Chateau Ces't la Vie.

The bathroom - a formerly golden-colored and traditional styled space - was overdue for a fresh injection of Spring. Enter a new bold, delicious wall color and a juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional decorative elements and the transformation begins.

Breakdown of numbered items as follows:
1. The Gorgeous Color I chose for the walls an almost eatable color appropriately called - Raspberry Pudding by Behr's Ultra Premium line.
2. The pedestal sink that ties into the subtle French Boudoir-esque quality of the bathroom.
3. The Custom Cabinetry my handy husband built from scratch to house all of our linens and towels.
4. The bathroom was formerly dressed with very obsolete-looking  syntheticsliding doors, these were removed and replaced with a curved metal shower curtain rod and dressed with a cream fabric curtain that softens the raspberry walls and brings in the cream colored subway tiles of the shower and surrounding walls.
5. Bringing in mirrors to open up the space is one of my favorite decorative tricks. This one will be placed strategically across the gorgeous chandelier to reflect the light beautifully.
6. I am a strong believer in repurposing what you already own. I will be spray painting old frames I had in storage an antique silver, which will then be hung on the walls in an interesting pattern.  The result will be a clean-lined contemporary contrast to many of the existing traditional elements.
7-10 is all about the carefully chosen accessories that will bring the entire look together beautifully. Marrying the raspberry, cream and silver color scheme beautifully.

Before and After pictures of the entire transformation to come very soon.

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March 12, 2010

Traditional Tranquility.

Inspiration Board for:  Master Bedroom
Client: Jessica

Jessica -  a busy wife and mother of two - asked me to transform her Master Bedroom from beige to bluetiful. (sorry, a little decorating humor there:)  Her room had great potential with the elegant and traditional style of her furniture and she had already decided on a lovely crisp blue for her walls.  Using this gentle Robin's egg blue as my starting point, and determining that Jessica's decor aesthetic was characterized by traditional lines and soft colors, I set out to design an elegant retreat with a classic blue, white and chocolate brown color palette. The ultimate objective was to provide Jessica and her husband a space that reflected a tranquil, airy elegance where they could escape to after a long day -  all while keeping with her $500 budget parameter.

 Here is a breakdown of the inspiration board with the numbered items below
  1. This gorgeous, soft and cloudy bedding in a color called "Blue Mist" will be the focal point of the room.  This comforter ties in perfectly with the soothing color scheme while reflecting the textural, traditional style that Jessica enjoys. Most importantly, this entire bedding set was marked down 75% from its original price, quite the amazing bargain!
  2.  Represents the curtains I chose for the two small windows in the room. The objective was to select window coverings that would provide an ethereal quality to the room during the Spring and Summer season, while providing just the right sheer amount of privacy. However, for the  Fall and Winter seasons it will be all about the drama-factor with these chocolate, energy-efficient drapes. Both sets of curtains look much more expensive than their super affordable price-tag.  The curtains will be hung  high and wide on each side of her small window to give the illusion of a larger space.   
  3. The elegant but affordable throw pillows that will be added to  the bedding to break up  all the soft blue and provide the perfect contrast. To avoid too many pillows, my suggestion is  to switch out two of the blue accent pillows that come with the comforter set  for these lovely chocolate ones that will complete the look beautifully.  
  4. Is the gorgeous beveled bronze-finished mirror that will be placed  on the wall above the bed. This piece is timeless, and will bring  in the chocolate accent color to the walls, while giving the illusion of a larger room by reflecting the light of the window across it. Best part is that this item was also 50% off its original price.
  5. The bronze finish curtain rods that will be used  to hang the curtains. They are stately, polished-looking and tie in perfectly with the classic color scheme.
  6. These delicate vases in a color called “blue cloud” will be placed in the center of the dresser and  bring in the gorgeous blue color to that furniture piece.The dresser mirror will reflect the color of the vase and be very pleasing to the eye.
  7. Nothing brings in classic organic beauty and tranquility to a room like a bushel of fresh cream roses. A small bushel of these beauties placed inside the vases will add just the right touch of fresh.
  8. After implementing the suggested furniture arrangement, (see diagram below), there will be a wall just waiting to be dressed with a lovely picture frame arrangement like this one,  where Jessica will be able to display pictures of her children and husband and/or a collection of the hand-made cards she makes, the perfect personalized detail.
  9. Is the beautiful, woven throw that will be added at the foot of the bed to provide just the right touch  of cozy elegance and contrast. Perfect to curl under and enjoy some TV watching or reading.  
  10. The Pièce de résistance of the room. This stunning floral chandelier, will provide added lighting and elegance and pull the entire look together flawlessly. 
Here is the suggested furniture arrangement for Jessica's room. By angling the dresser to a corner it will open up the space and allow for the chest furniture piece to be added to the wall in front of the bed  where their flat-screen will be hung. This will make a more cohesive look and provide symmetry to the room.

Furniture Arrangement Diagram

Here is Jessica's reaction to the inspiration board in her own words:

"I have to say that this truly has taken my breath away!!! You took only 2 things I gave you: my Bedroom set & a color and have transformed it into a stunning bedroom retreat! I knew the budget I gave you was a challenge, but you did an amazing job of pulling all the elements together to create a space that is luxurious, light & airy. Everything I was looking for and more! This space will be a show stopper!  Thanks so much for working so hard & meeting my challenge!!! I am so excited about getting started. Like I said before, you have an amazing talent and you have a repeat customer here!!! I  feel like jumping up & down Im so happy!!!!"

Here are Jessica's Before Pictures:

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March 5, 2010

Fresh and Feminine with a funky flair.

Inspiration Board for: Foyer/Entrance.
Client: Hyacinth

Hyacinth - a modern gal with a flair for the unique and whimsical- asked me to bring in color, glam factor and function to the foyer of her newly purchased city condo. She also asked me to build a room around one of her favorite art prints, this whimsical and ethereal peacock-maiden surrounded by beautiful hyacinths, so appropriate and personal to her name. The foyer opens up into her small combination living/dining room and will set the tone for the rest of her feminine space. Perfect for a bachelorette with a little spunk!

Here is a breakdown of the  inspiration board with the numbered items below:
  1. The paint color I chose for the walls. Working off the art-work I chose this magnificent teal  as the backdrop for her entrance. The color is from Benjamin Moore, appropriately called Peacock Blue - how fitting.
  2. Is the inspiration print itself, this gorgeous print will be placed just above the console table.
  3. The fabulous round rug in a deep, peacock-blue motif. It will be placed directly in the center of the room right under the chandelier and bring a  great pop of color  onto her white-ceramic tile floors.
  4. This console table will be placed right under the art-work and bring in the subtle pink tones, perfect contrast to the teal blue walls.
  5. This stunning chaise will not only provide additional seating but loads of style, coincidentally the color   description reads: "peacock blue.” This will be placed on the opposite wall of the console table.
  6. The centerpiece of the room - this glamorous and fresh long hanging capiz pendant lamp - will provide lighting and beautiful style.
  7. On the wall above the chaise,  two of these floating shelves will be hung to display pretty, feminine and ambient accessories like a set of these pink candles.  
  8. This very subtle peacock-patterned throw pillow in gold will provide added coziness and bring in the gold tones of the art-work to the other side of the room. It will be placed on the chaise.
  9. An added pop of fuchsia like the one found in this funky vase will be placed on the top floating shelf.
  10. Last but not least, will be a few of these peacock feathers placed strategically inside the fuchsia-colored vase and provide just the right finishing touch to this peacock-inspired space.

Here is Hyacinth's Testimonial in her own words:

"I have said it before, but let me emphasize - You are an artist!!! Your  amazing eye for style  never ceases to amaze me.  I cannot believe you came up with this incredible space based on that one painting! BEAUTIFUL!!!I am so excited; I cannot wait to begin the transformation! Mil Gracias! I cannot wait to see what you come up with  for my fabulous soiree!"*

*Hyacinth asked that I not share her before pictures, as always the client's wishes are always respected at Ces't La Vie Events.

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