April 28, 2011

When was the last time you got your picture taken?

Photography. I embrace photography of  every category, it is without a doubt, one of my preferred art forms: photography of architecture, fashion, nature, landscapes and still lives are amongst my favorite subjects to shoot. However, when my subjects transition into little humans, or beautiful families, or sexy singles, or a couple in-love, well, photography takes on a deeper significance. It elevates the art form to a memory-making soul-enhancing experience I feel priviledged to partake in.

Photoshoot season is here -  i.e. Spring/Summer - and with it the ability to take gorgeous natural light portraits that require little to no editing and no extra fancy equipment except my lens, my subjects and the perfect setting...

To celebrate this photography season, I am offering 25$ off the entire package on all photoshoots from May to June of 2011!  That means you will get an already extremely reasonable package (click on link for pricing details)  for even less! Make sure to take advantage and book an appointment as soon as possible!

Comment on this post or email me to cestlavie.events@gmail.com.

Here are samples of some PhotoShoots I have done in the past...

Campodonico Family

Valerie and Ashley

Ramirez Family

For more information please read the right-hand side bar or read our Services and Pricing Information Page. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

April 18, 2011

A Glorious and Gorgeous Office

Design Plan for: Office
Client: Evelyn

(click to enlarge)

Evelyn, a stay at home wife with a succesful catering business she runs from home, was in dire need of a space to call her own. An office where she could quietly work on invoices, correspondence with clients and everything else needed to run a business. Until now she had been doing all of her "office" work on the kitchen table sharing the space with all of her cooking utensils. Not ideal. The space she asked me to design was a blank slate, a small empty room Evelyn and her husband had currently been using as a storage room in their city apartment. A lover of the arts, she asked that I design a room around one of her favorite Paul Gauguin inspired prints, that I make it feminine with contemporary touches and that I inspire her to create even more amazing recipes. i was completely inspired myself, as I explained in this post, Gauguin is one of my favorite Impressionist Artist and so wiith this fresh, colorful, elegant and completely beautiful space, that is exactly what I set out to do!

Taking the gorgeous bright tones of saturated color from Gaugin's Tahitian landscape as accents, I decided to make the artwork the main focal point of the room by surrounding it against crisp white walls.  To give it the proper elegance it deserves however, I made sure to select a beautiful, traditional styled frame and matting that will be customized to the right dimensions. I then selected functional but stylish (and affordable) furniture pieces in the same crisp white but pulled the turquoise blues, violets, bright orange reds and muted yellows as the accessories in the space. I also managed to incorporate a few uber feminine furniture pieces, namely the ornate French styled throne - er I mean chair - for the queen herself.  In terms of textiles I chose a modern moorish pattern for the rug, and bright modern roman shades for the two small windows in the space. I was even able to incorporate her super feminine and cute rose colored Sony Vaio LapTop into the design.

Here is Evelyn's Testimonial in her own words:

At first glance my jaw dropped!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!!! As if it were more possible to fall in love with my Gauguin print, I am. I cannot wait to transform this space. You, like Gauguin are an artist! Incredible job!  Thank you a million times over!!!!!!!!!

In need of transforming your own space on a budget? Please fill out my Design and Style Evaluation here or email me @ cestlavie.events@gmail.com.

April 7, 2011

Cool Artwork for every color scheme...

Have you had a looky-loo over to the right-hand side bar of this blog lately? If you take a quick visual walk over there you'll see there are quite a few cool looking Fine Art Gallery Prints Displayed, they all happen to be from my C'est La Vie Art Shop, pictures taken by me, all over the Globe. I wanted to take this moment to share just how cool these prints can look in different settings, wall colors and frames.

Check it out....

Antiquity Gallery
Sample 1- Two of our Antiquity Art Prints displayed in bright red frames with white mats on a white wall. The look is modern with a vintage twist and completely unexpected.

Sample 2 - Two of our Antiquity Art Prints displayed in ornate black frames on a nuetral colored wall. Traditional, visually interesting and vintage.

Chic Gallery
Two of our Chic Art Prints displayed in elegant silver frames with white mats on a magenta colored wall. The contrast is uber trendy, elegant and chic;)

Fresh Gallery
Two of our Fresh Art prints in white frames with white mats on a gray background for a beautiful pop of organic color. The look is classic, modern and fresh...

Sample 1 - Two of our Urban Fine Art Prints in clean-lined Gold frames with white mats on a pale gray wall. The look is elegant, versatile and stately.

Sample 2 - Two of our Urban Fine Art Prints in simple wood toned frames with white and slate gray mats over a white wall. Perfect for a clean, modern, masculine look.

Sample 1 - Two of our Wild Art Prints in exotic espresso wood frames with white mats on a safari green background. The look is bold, modern and sophisticated.

And there you have it, quite a few of these are samples of how these prints were used in real-life scenarios by my clients.
Interested in purchasing a print or two of your own? The process is quite easy, simply click on any of the links above and it will take you directly to that specific Gallery where you can browse all of the art prints and select your favorites. Or you can click HERE to see all of the other galleries in our shop. You then only have to simply click on the "Buy" button on the upper right-hand corner of each picture where you can select from a variety of finishes (metallic is my personal favorite) and numerous sizes. Everything from 4x6, to 12x12 to even canvas size, all at extremely reasonable prices. Custom Artwork for less than what you would pay for a mass produced piece of art in one of the more popular retail stores.
If you have any questions or need any additional help with purchasing from my shop, just leave me a comment or email me to cestlavie.events@gmail.com! Happy Shopping.
Ill be back later with more featured galleries and more cool looking samples on how these art prints can look on your wall!

April 1, 2011

An "Ode to Spring" Wedding

The beginning of Spring ( March 21st to be exact), is reason enough to celebrate -  well with the burst of new life appearing everywhere and fresh, vibrant color replacing the dreary, muted tones of Winter - who wouldn't want to throw a party? Now how about we combine the exuberance of the coming of Spring with (hands down) one of the most memorable events in a gal's life - her wedding - and you have a marriage made in heaven.... (pun intended :)

The "gal" I am referring to just happens to be one of my closest and dearest friends, and when she called me up with the news that she had found her Prince Charming and their nuptials were set for March of 2012 (after much screaming and jumping up and down with excitement and joy for her),  I set out to design an event worthy of this queen and her king!  All she asked is that I incorporate her love of the color purple and keep to their strict budget. I enthusiastically went to work creating a design that was simple, but sublime and embraced - in both color and concept - the beauty of Spring..

(click to enlarge)

Here are the detailed components for this event:
  • The grape purple and  apple green are the main color components I selected, combined with touches of platinum and white for a crisp modern twist, this palette evokes the vibrancy of Spring.
  • The purple and green invitations will reflect this traditional side flourish with a modern font for an appealing contrast.
  • The tablescape will be simple and fresh. Reminiscent of a garden party with purple linens, platinum table runners and simple folding chairs.
  • The centerpieces will be glass vases filled with green apples and touches of wild flowers in alternating heights. They will provide an organic, fresh and "edible" pop of color to the tablescape and are an excellent budget-friendly option to flowers.
  • For favors, the bride's talented brother in law is planning to make and assemble edible treats with personalized messages and poems that will be wrapped up into these cute and inexpensive platinum favor boxes.
  • The cake will be a simple, traditional white cake with touches of fresh flowers and miniature apples for decor. To go with the apple theme, one of the layers may contain an apple jam filling :)
  • For place cards, an aromatic miniature bundle of dried lavender sprigs will provide not only seating assignments but an added little souvenir for guests to take home.
  • The bridal attire will also reflect the freshness of Spring with apple green bridesmaid dresses, beautiful purple stilettos for the Bride and a sharp looking striped green and purple tie for the Groom;)
  • Finally, to satiate the palette, miniature bottles of Spring Water in Perrier bottles will be set out for all the guests to enjoy.
Here is the Bride's Reaction in her own words:
"Omg!! I Love it!!!!!! You went above and beyond with this design, everything is GORGEOUS, thank you sooo much, now I am even more excited than ever!"

Wedding season is around the corner, in need of creative, innovative budget-friendly event ideas for your special day? Need inspiration to throw that fabulous soiree? Don't know where to start with the planning of your important event? Want the look of a platinum party on a pauper's budget? You've come to the right place. Please fill out my What is your Design Style Questionnaire or email me @ cestlavie.events@gmail.com to begin!

Please check out the other wonderful events I've had the pleasure to design and succesfully launch by clicking on the  Ces't La Vie Parties and Events  page. (click on link to be re-directed to this page, or look for it under "Pages" in the sidebar) and make sure to check back often for updates!