April 10, 2013

A Rustic Wine Themed Anniversary Party

Hello friends! It is a beautiful unseasonably warm Spring day here in our area, and I am absolutely delighted to relish in the warmth, the chirping of the birds and the budding of flowers and tree blossoms occurring all around. Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I am so thankful that long, harsh Winter is finally over, it is definitely something that merits celebration!

Speaking of Celebration, I recently had the pleasure of planning and executing an anniversary party for a beloved couple and dear friends of ours. They have been married for 17 years, have five, (yes five) gorgeous children and more than deserved a party to in honor of their love and devotion.

Knowing how fond they are of Wine (I mean who isn't, right?:)  I knew a Wine themed party would be the ideal concept for this wonderful couple. As always however, I strive to make things beautiful on a budget so the following details will explain how I put this event together: 

(click to enlarge)

To set the tone for this Wine themed soiree, I decided to hand-make the invitations using art and utility paper that came in a convenient inexpensive package I bought at the craft store. The paper packages came in many different color families, and I selected an array that closely resembled those muted, elegant tones found in Wine bottles or the delicious Vino itself.  I traced and cut out Wine Bottle forms alternating colors and printed "labels" using the couple's last  name as the Wine Blend, indicating that they (or their love) has been finely aged for 17 years:)  A cute whimsical touch for these unique invites. I also used cute up twine to resemble the "cork". Making these by hand was quite time consuming but so much fun, felt like 4th grade Art Class all over again:)

For centerpieces, I went with another unique and economical concept. I decided to collect used wine bottles, went to a local Italian Eatery and asked if they would save some of their used wine bottles for me and they gladly obliged.  I then cleaned these out, filled them with water and added a colorful assortment of flowers I purchased at Costco:

My Favorite were the burnt orange and yellow bud roses, so lovely:

For table coverings I went rustic, inexpensive and practical. I decided to use craft paper in lieu of fabric or plastic table cloths, and the left-over art paper I used for the invites in lieu of runners or place mats. Not only was this visually appealing  it was incredibly functional, after the party was over, we simply rolled up the used paper and threw it away:)  I created a little Sweet Heart table for the honored couple using left over greenery from the flowers and a special box of Gourmet Chocolate for the sweet hearts to enjoy with their wine:)

However the decorative focal point of the room was the Wine Bar and Cheese/Appetizer table we set up for all to enjoy. I used a variety of  fruits, cheeses, crackers and desserts that paired well with the wine that I had selected, which included a good Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and a sweet Port. This was a hit with everyone, especially the honored couple, and I'm so happy they enjoyed:

All and all, the party was a success, the proof is in the pudding:)

And special thanks to our awesome DJ Jose Polanco, for getting everyone on the dance floor, it was definitely a night to remember:)

Like I said, definitely a memorable Night:)

Looking to host your own anniversary party or other fun soiree and need party planning advice, look no further. Please email me to cestlavie.events@gmail.com, or message me to my Facebook Page and we can get started planning an unforgettable event night of your own!

Please stay tuned, a Spring Wedding Event, Photography Shoots and many other Interior Decorating and Re-modeling projects to be posted on the Blog very soon.