July 11, 2018

A Summer Sunday Portrait Session

My most recent photography session was for a fun and fantastic family of four, the Romeros.

I had the pleasure of capturing this growing family when the youngest and most recent member was still in the womb in this Fall Maternity Session here. Now that little Marco is a rambunctious and beautiful toddler, it was the perfect time to commemorate this gorgeous family.

We had such a wonderful time on this shoot, couldn't have asked for better weather or lighting on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Please enjoy the following captures:

Aren't they simply lovely?

Stay tuned for one more important portrait session before I wrap up for the season and focus on a huge and exciting change in my life.  (No, I'm not pregnant:) We are moving!  Uprooting from what we've called home for many years and moving to a whole new city, area and environment.  Very excited about what is to come, I am sure I'll have plenty of home decor updates to share once I've had a chance to settle into our new place and begin decorating. I'll make sure to take you on my journey.

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Lyra G

July 9, 2018

Family Formals - Through the Years.

My Most recent portrait session was for a beautiful growing family I have had the pleasure of capturing through the years, click here, here, here, and here for all our previous sessions. 
Serving as their official family photographer has been an honor and I am excited to continue to be there to document all the significant and special moments in their lives. They are not only my clients, more importantly my beloved friends!

After having to cancel and reschedule a few times due to weather and illness -  on the day of our photo shoot the odds were once again not in our favor. However, the ominous clouds, impending rain and gusts of wind did not dampen our spirits as evidenced by the following pictures. ( Also of note, as a photographer I loved how the overcast skies made for a soft and elegant light...) Please enjoy.

The Puigs are a beautiful family indeed!

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June 25, 2018

A very special "Mother/Daughter" Beach Session

My most recent portrait session was special in so many ways..

Yolanda and daughter Valerie, are very dear friends of mine, I have seen Valerie grow from a newborn into this a beautiful young lady of ten who almost towers over her Mother.

Speaking of height - albeit Yolanda's physical stature is small - this says nothing about her character,  strength, determination and her heart -  which are all great in size and proportion. As a single mother she has struggled and triumphed in raising her daughter into the future woman she will become and I cannot be more proud of both of them!

When she asked me to commemorate this most beautiful bond, I was honored. We chose the Oceanside at Long Branch beach as the backdrop,  and couldn't be happier with he results. Please Enjoy...

Hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as I enjoyed capturing them. Please stay tuned, plenty more portrait sessions coming up in the next couple of weeks.


Lyra G.

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June 14, 2018

A Senior "with swag" Graduation Portrait Session

My most recent portrait session was for a Suave Senior named Dan. We had a lot of fun commemorating this most significant event in a young man's life. Enjoy!

And that's a wrap folks. 

Congrats Dan and Congrats Class of 2018!

Stay tuned lots more portrait sessions in the next coming weeks!