June 4, 2019

A Sayen Gardens Engagement Shoot

Love is definitely in the air and Wedding season is most definitely upon us! As is evident by my other recent Engagement Session for Ashley and Jacob who will soon be tying the knot in August. I was also present at this gorgeous couples' surprise proposal here.

The setting for their Engagement Session was also at stunning outdoor garden in Central Jersey called Sayen Gardens. An idyllic botanical oasis. The evening of this E-session the park was illuminated by that ever elusive and cove table "golden hour"and that ethereal light... Please enjoy some of my favorite takes of this fun and romantic evening: 

Agh, that sunflare, nothing like it. Hope you enjoyed these lovely takes!

I have many more client portrait sessions planned for the Summer season, including more Engagement Shoots so please stay tuned.

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A LongWood Gardens Engagement Session.

One of my most recent Engagement Sessions was for Luis and Cassie, a beautiful copule who's surprise proposal I documented a few months ago here. 

C&L chose the magnificent Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, as the destination backdrop for their engagement shoot. This place holds significance to them because it was here when their relationship began to "bloom." 

I love the dynamic, chemistry and undeniable love these two share - we did a lot of walking through the massive gardens to capture some very special intimate, romantic and fun moments between these two.

Please enjoy some of my favorites takes of the day:

So many beautiful moments between these two, the love is palpable!  So happy for these two and the life they will plan together, there is nothing I enjoy more than capturing timeless moments of true love...Congrats once again C&L!

Stay tuned for more...coming up next.



Spring has Sprung - Fine Art Prints for Sale (Now with Free Shipping) at CestlavieArt on ETSY!

Hello Friends! Today I will be sharing a series of updates on the ol' Blog - It's been a busy couple of months for me.

First of all, for those who aren't aware and are lovers of all flora, please check out my Fine Art Photography Shop on ETSY, CestLaVieArt -  there are currently some gorgeous Spring Floral prints for sale and now with free shipping! Here are some examples:

Spring has definitely Sprung, and we are well on our way to Summer! Please stop by and take a browse at my art shop for plenty of one of a kind, custom prints taken all over the Globe by me to used to decorate a wall, room or as a the perfect personalized gift! (Link to access Shop is also on the right hand side of the Blog.)

Happy Browsing!



April 26, 2019

Un compromiso de Sorpresa! (A surprise proposal!)

"Quieres Casarte conmigo? (Do you want to marry me?)"

It was such a pleasure for me to be present for this beautiful, personal and romantic surprise proposal  celebrating the love between Cassie and Luis! He popped the question and she said Yes!

Enjoy a few captures of this memorable afternoon:

So incredibly happy for them both! Stay tuned for the formal engagement shoot to come! Many more portrait sessions and interesting Blog worthy content to come in the following months, so make sure to stop by for updates!


Lyra G.

April 2, 2019

An In-Home Newborn Family Session

My latest Lifestyle photo session was for this most beautiful and adorable family of four, The G's. Welcoming their latest precious addition - a gorgeous baby boy - this in-home newborn session was full of candid moments of tenderness, pure joy and an undeniable familial bond with this fabulous four.

Please enjoy some of my favorite captures from this delightful photo shoot:

Hope you have enjoyed viewing these as much as I relished capturing them. Many upcoming sessions for the coming Spring and Summer 2019 Season, as well as some Interior decor and design updates, it's been a while since Ive shared a post dedicated exclusively to my other passion, stay tuned...



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