June 13, 2016

Weddings and Summer - a perfect marriage.

Hello friends,

It has been literally six months since I have posted an update. Those that know me personally may know why.  Unfortunately, it has been a very rough year that began with losing loved ones in succession , and it is only now that I am able to try to return to some level of normalcy in my work and schedule while my family and I begin to heal...

That being said, the summer season with its lightness and longevity of days helps infuse some much needed positivism and joy. Summer season also signifies the beginning of wedding season and outdoor portrait shoots. As a natural-light photographer, it is one of my all-time favorite seasons in which to document such significant memories of love and life.

Weddings in general make me happy. Here are a few captures of some of my favorite client weddings:

Love is a beautiful thing. I am excited to be documenting more couples in-love, weddings and portrait sessions this Summer.

I am also currently booking family portrait sessions for those interested. Here are the available dates:

June 26, July 1, July 15 and 16th. Please email me to cestlavie.events@gmail.com for more information on pricing or click on my Services and Pricing page here for more details on what is included with each session. 

Will be back soon with more upcoming photo shoots and DIY decor projects. Please stay tuned...



December 21, 2015

A Brother and Sister Fall Portrait Session

My last portrait session for the Fall season (because technically today is the official start of the Winter solstice,) was for these two adorable siblings. Kate and Tyler.

I've had these two cuties in front of  my lens in the past when I took Fall Portraits of their entire family some years ago, but the spotlight was definitely on them for this outdoor session.

Their special dynamic is quite evident in the following photos; there is undeniable love, playfulness and a special little bond that only little humans can have for their best friend and eternal play partner.

Please enjoy some of my favorite captures for that day:

These kids undoubtedly had a blast, and so did !

 If interested in booking your own natural light portrait session, please visit my Services and Investment Page for more information.  Also, please follow more of my work on Instagram @cestlaviephotographybylyra or on my Facebook Business Page.

As always, please stay tuned for updates and exciting changes to come in 2016!



November 30, 2015

A " Double-Take" Fall Portrait Session

Twins. Defined by the  Dictionary in the first two instances as:

1) either of two children or animals brought forth at birth. 
2) either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.  

I would say the aforementioned is an acceptable definition of this unique pairing of two identical looking people, however, twins are so much more... As much as they are similar in appearance and share an incredible iconic bond, they can equally be uniquely different in personalities, preferences and temper, as the following portrait session may reveal.

My most recent portrait session for these lovely twin sisters was on a perfect Fall afternoon with an idyllic Fall setting. And although at times I had to do a "double-take" while I observed their faces behind my lens to ensure who was who, it just took a quick glance at their different ensembles, different hair-styles and even different smiles to determine that as much as they are identical twins, they are even more so distinctly individual...

Please enjoy some of my favorite captures from that day:


 If interested in booking your own natural light portrait session, please visit my Services and Investment Page for more information.  Also, please follow more of my work on Instagram @cestlaviephotographybylyra or on my Facebook Business Page.

As always, please stay tuned for updates.



October 30, 2015

A Decade of Love - Ten Year Anniversary Self Portraits.

If ever two were one then surely we,
If ever man were loved by wife then thee. 
If ever wife were happy with a man 
Compare with me ye women if ye can...
Anne Bradstreet.

Ten years ago I made the best decision of my life, I vowed to commit myself,  mind, body and soul to  the most wonderful man God could have ever created for me. I married my best friend. My partner in every sense of the word. The love of my life... My husband. My heart: Kevin.

We love each other unconditionally. We love each other passionately. We love each other deeply and truly.  A decade by his side has made me happier than I could have ever envisioned. He is the man who makes my dreams come true every day...

And so we thought it most appropriate to commemorate this most significant of anniversaries, with a photo shoot in what happens to now be one of our favorite places on earth - Sardinia, Italy. 

This photo session would prove to be unique and require quite a bit of ingenuity for various reasons. One being that it was my first self-portrait session. As a photographer I am always behind the lens, this time I was to be in front and simultaneously play the role of photographer and subject. With the aid of our trusty tripod - much pre-planning, some comical creativity and this uniquely gorgeous rustic background - we set out to capture the story of our love and dedication to each other.

Please enjoy some of our favorite captures from this memorable shoot...

This gorgeous landscape print of Nebida, Sardinia, is now available for purchase in my art shop.

With bated breath I await for the next decade by his side....



September 9, 2015

Book your 2015 Fall Portrait Session now!

Hello friends! Fall will soon be upon us in all its magnificent glory. I am now taking bookings for Fall portrait sessions from October 17 - November 21, 2015!

My Fall Portrait Package includes the following:

One hour on-location photo session
20 fully edited digital images with print release
Professional on-line digital album to share with family and friends.

Please contact me via email @cestlavie.events@gmail.com, or direct message me to my Facebook Page or my Instagram feed for more information on your investment and details of my services.



August 26, 2015

A Boy and his Train - Family Portrait Session.

My most recent portrait session was for a very special family who have been repeat clients of mine throughout the years...

I have been honored to have been present to capture those special, significant moments in their lives. i.e. The surprise pregnancy and subsequent birth of their precious baby boy, Brandon. Or for instance last summer when we had a delightful family portrait session at the beach when baby Brandon was only one year old and was learning what it felt like to have sand between his little toes... Fast forward to this year, Brandon is no longer a baby, now a toddler at the ripe old age of two -  and more precocious than ever. At their request, I conceptualized a stylized session on a vintage train and old historical park for this lovely family.

Here are some of my favorite captures of this day. Please enjoy!

I hope to continue to capture this beautiful family and this precious little guy with each growing year....

If interested in booking your own natural light portrait session, please visit my Services and Investment Page for more information.  Also, please follow more of my work on Instagram @cestlaviephotographybylyra or on my Facebook Business Page.

I will be hosting a special on Fall Family Portrait sessions. Please stay tuned for updates!