June 29, 2010

Modern Masculine Minimalism

Design Plan for: Dining Room
Client: Robert
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Robert, a sophisticated and suave city Bachelor just recently moved into a cool, hip and new loft-style apartment. His  industrial type space with great natural lighting was just brimming with great design potential.  Robert asked me to tackle one of the many rooms he plans to spend a lot of time in  hosting great dinner parties and entertaining dates, the dining room. (Fun Fact: In his spare time, Robert enjoys experimenting with new recipes and proclaims to be quite the chef. Bravo Robert!:)  After contacting me and taking my "What is your Design Style" questionnaire,  we determined that Robert's design aesthetic leans very much towards the modern, minimalistic and masculine with touches of rustic thrown in.  He prefers neutral colors only, but is open to incorporating interest with the use of texture.  I was admittedly very excited to tackle this sophisticated bachelor pad!

Here is a breakdown of the inspiration board with the numbered items below:

As with most of my spaces, paint color always comes first.  To set the tone for this dining room I chose this sophisticated, versatile,  yet warm-toned Creamy Cappuccino for the walls. It works flawlessly as the backdrop for the other neutral colors I chose as accents: Slate Gray, Espresso Brown and White.

  1. Represents the table I chose for this space. This eclectic piece seats up to 10 and is the perfect contrast of rustic meets industrial. Made out of plantation grown mango wood juxtaposed with steel tubing for legs. It makes both a functional and incredibly stylish platform for many a fabulous meal.
  2. Are the  handsome modern style wing chairs that will be added to each end of the table. The fabric in for this statuesque chair  is waterproof and stain- resistant, perfect for dining. They will not only make for very comfy eating, but will provide just the right touch of elegance to the rustic table.
  3. These specialized Italian- imported slim chairs made out of a very sturdy plastic with chrome metal tube legs will make the perfect additional seating for the rest of the dining table. These modern chairs make an interesting and visually pleasing contrast with the more traditional styled modern wingback, and because of their surprisingly affordable price  - can be purchased in bulk. I recommend that Robert purchase 8 of these to accommodate up to 10 dinner guests on his fabulous new table.
  4. The focal point  of the dining room - this super cool and modern take on an old, masculine style antler chandelier. This chandelier will be strategically placed above the dining table for a truly magnificent vignette.  Made of a fine white ceramic,  fortunately, no animals were harmed in the making of this truly stunning lighting piece!
  5. In order to reflect all of that incredible natural light in Robert's space, as well as make the dining room appear that much more open, airy and large, this clean, modern and  beautiful chunky wood floor mirror will be incorporated into the space. It will lean on the opposite wall of the windows in the dining space and will truly make a statement.
  6. To add just a touch of softness, texture and bring in the gray color to the floor, this fabulous safari rug will be placed under the dining room table and chairs. It will also help to delineate this dining space from the rest of the apartment.
  7. Robert specifically asked that I choose very few accessories; he is after all - a guy;) Therefore, these hand-blown beaker glass taper candleholders are the perfect centerpiece for the table. They not only bring in added ambient light and style but are super affordable to boot!
  8. Again, limiting the accessories in this space, one of these Greek-key brown pillows will look perfect against the gray wingback and will bring in the cappuccino walls into the dining space.
  9. I selected this simple, modern yet elegant dinnerware in a crisp white as the ideal place settings to house Robert's tasty treats.
  10. Finally, this clean and classic stemware will add just the right touch to complete the table setting and tie in perfectly to the hand-blown glass candleholders.

Here is Robert's Testimonial  in his own words:
"I decided to hire you after viewing many of your AMAZING design plans, but what really convinced me was when I saw the super cool boy's room you designed. I thought to myself,  if she could make an 11-year old boy's room look that incredible, I know she'll make my space sing and boy was I spot on!  All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am blown away. This is EXACTLY what I was envisioning - no strike that -  this is MORE than I could have ever dreamt.  My friends are going to be green with envy when I finish incorporating all your suggestions.  I bow down to your design prowess oh Goddess of all things stylish!!  You are truly  talented and I must say quite affordable, for the type of  professional service you deliver you should be charging hundreds more. But please don't change your prices any time soon, I need to be able to afford you to tackle other rooms in my space! ;)  Thank you, Gracias, Gratzie, Merci, Obrigado, Danke you have made my month, heck, my year!!!!!!"

*Robert asked that I not share his before pictures, as always the client's wishes are always respected at Ces't La Vie Events.

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June 7, 2010

Classy, Contemporary and Coffee Inspired Wedding

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More fabulous party design boards coming soon, Wedding season is in the air!