July 30, 2010

Coming Soon on Ces't La Vie Events...

Please stay tuned for new and exciting things here at Ces't La Vie Events,  be on the lookout for the following Interior and Event Design Client Projects I am currently working on:

  • A "Le Pari" (city of lights) inspired Event Design.

  • "Contemporary but Cozy" Kitchen Re-Do.

  • A complete Apartment make-over

  • The Launching of the Ces't La Vie Events Photography Art Shop (where you will be able to purchase prints of my fine art photography, like the beautiful blooms pictured here, to decorate your home, business or office walls or as the perfect personalized gift!)

  • The final reveal of Chateau Ces't La Vie's Bathroom Berry Budoir. Have made quite a few changes in there, excited for the unveiling!
and much, much more!
Also, Please take advantage of our  2 for 1 Design Sale and share the news with family,friends, peers and coworkers! Details outlined in the Pricing Information Page.

Merci Mon Amis!

July 23, 2010

Global Glamour and Elegance.

Design Plan for: Master Bedroom
Client: Cindy
(click to enlarge)

Cindy -  a fellow world traveler and adventurer -  was looking for a way to add Global inspiration and elegance into her master bedroom. She provided me with a great foundation by providing the wall and accent colors she wanted me to introduce to her space. She also provided me with a fantastically styled Bed from which I built the room around. I had quite the lovely time virtually traveling around the world to find pieces that would complete the look she was going for and provide her and her hubby a truly exotic getaway where they both could relax after a long day of work.

Here is a breakdown of the Design Board with the numbered items below:

1. When I laid  eyes on this gorgeous mirror, I knew it was the perfect reflective focal point to be hung right above the Bed. Dripping with texture, elegance, and yet somehow equally rustic,exotic and so incredibly unique, it was the ideal piece to create a focal point in the room and bring the eye up giving the illusion of a larger space, it will also nicely reflect the natural light of the only window in the room.
2. Speaking of windows, these luxurious curtain panels in this beautiful saturated teal with the subtle peacock feathers, was meant for this space. These panels will brighten, glamify and bring a ton of color and texture to this part of the room. The price is also incredibly affordable to boot!
3. Is what I consider the Pièce de résistance of the room, this gorgeous photographic/illustration art piece ties in all the main elements and accent colors of the space in an absract yet equally ethereal way. The art piece is also custom-made and not mass produced. My suggestion is that this print be framed in a wood finish very similar to the existing headboard, and then placed on a floating shelf along with the turquoise plate that is currently residing on the side table. This floating shelf art vignette will be hung on the empty wall to add color and interest.
4. Represents the fun, modern and punchy new lamp that will be added to the side table near the bed.  Aside from a small overhead light and the one window, this space was lacking in lighting. This lamp will not only add a perfect pop of turquoise but the glass of the base closely resembles the glass in the honeycomb mirror that will be placed above the bed.

5. Cindy happens to be a collector of fabulous jewelry pieces. What better way to store these then with a pair of  these hand-painted and custom-made jewelry boxes that will be placed near the lamp on the side table as art pieces. They are not only visually pleasing but functional.

6. Finally, to tie everything together and add just a bit more contrasting color, I though the combination of an ornate, rustic vase like this one (with the gold and pale green patina) combined with either real or (good quality faux) magenta orchids would look lovely and truly complete the look!

Here is Cindy's Testimonial in her own words:
"I have no words. I absolutely positively LOVE it!! You have pegged me perfectly!!!!  I am in love and cannot wait to buy everything, I want to get everything all at one ;-D Can I tell you that mirror I am in love with..... when I saw it along with everything you chose, I thought to myself "She truly has such a great talent!"  I honestly just don't know how to express how happy I am. All of the items you have provided me are going to make my room finally the sanctuary I've wanted it to be. You made my day, you truly have.!!!"

Here are Cindy's Before Pictures:

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July 14, 2010

Girly, Glam and Green.

Design Plan for: Teen Bedroom
Client: Ashley
(click to enlarge)

Ashley, a slightly shy and soft-spoken 14 year old who just graduated from Middle School, was overdue for a Bedroom make-over that would reflect a more grown up, sophisticated space well suited for her personality and age. She wanted her space  to remain girly and whimsical, but glamorous and mature enough to transcend well into her late teens. She asked that I use her existing wall color (a paint called "Tinker Bell Green") as well as all of her existing furniture. I made sure to incorporate as many DIY projects as possible and recycle many of her pieces in fun and interesting ways - all while staying under a $300 budget -  for the transformation. After she filled out my "What is your Design Style Form" and sent me her pictures, I went to work! Designing her space proved much more enjoyable than I had anticipated, brought me back to my own teen years where my bedroom was my haven, my secret chamber, my palace...and I wanted to make sure I delivered the same kind of feeling to my young client!;)

Here is a breakdown of the inspiration board with the numbered items below:

As reflected by the Design Board, the accent colors I chose to work with her existing mint green walls  are Black and White and Purple. The purple pops beautifully against the green and the black and white screams Sophistication.

1. Represents the beautiful, feminine, fun and stylish Damask bedding  she will use to dress up her existing bed. It provides just the right touch of drama and the entire bedding set was at an incredibly affordable price.
2. Ashley specifically asked that I incorporate some type of "wall sticker" to her room design. When I encountered this gorgeous chandelier wall decal I knew it was the ideal piece of art for the empty wall space above her bed (once she removes the kitty poster:) It will give the illusion of grandeur to this glam teen room.
3. One of the DIY projects I recommended is for Ashley and her Mom to take our their paintbrushes and paint her existing toy cabinet (that is currently a pine wood color with child-like flowers) a bright white. Will instantly transform the piece and give it a fresh, clean and elegant new look. She will be able to stack books and add pretty touches like this decorative candle, explained below.
4. How fun and whimsical are these purple Chinese paper lanterns? I loved them, perfect to add a a bit of whimsy, color and texture to her room. The ideal girly touch.
5. To dress up her large window, these two-toned purple panels will add just the right touch of Glam factor. The best part is that they are super affordable to boot!
6. Represents another great, fun DIY project for Ashley and her mom. Her existing floor lamp is still in great shape but the fabric is a bit childish and doesn't coordinate with the new color scheme. Therefore with an easy tutorial that I provided, Ashley will be able to purchase this amazing black and white striped fabric and recover her lamp shade for much less than it would cost to buy a whole new lamp!
7. Ashley's existing room had a lot of family pictures in frames. I recommend that she purchase this amazing, and affordable frame to add some of her favorite pictures and hang on her walls. Adds both a stylish and personal touch to empty wall space.
8. Speaking of artwork, Ashley’s existing space also had many kitten/puppy type posters that reflected her love for pets but were of a juvenile nature. I decided to look for artwork that reflected her love for pets but in a more sophisticated manner. This black and white illusion type art that displays the silhouette of two cats was the ideal find. The best part is that this poster in a nice black and white frame will look like a million bucks!
9. A Girly room must always have some type of floral element, this purple petal flower candle is the perfect touch. Can also provide her aromatherapy when she lights it to add just the right touch to her space.
10. Last but definitely not least the perfect finishing touch to her new bedding will be this punchy purple throw pillow. Extra comfort and Extra color!

Here is Ashley's Testimonial in her own (few) words:
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Here are her Before Pictures:

Want to transform your own space on a budget? Please fill out my Decor Questionnaire or email me @ cestlavie.events@gmail.com.