October 19, 2010

Wild By Ces't La Vie Events Photography

This week's Ces't La Vie Events Fine Art Photography Shop's  Featured Gallery is posted in the slideshow below and is  appropriately named - Wild.

"These unique and visually stimulating images were captured in the raw, untamed Sub Saharan lands of the Southern most part of Africa. These images depict the wild, precious and predatory nature of the animal kingdom in their most natural of settings. These prints would work in virtually any setting but make ideal artwork pieces for safari-themed rooms as well as work flawlessly framed against earth-toned walls. Also look stunning as the perfect conversation piece in an empty office wall, while making the ideal gift for any and all animal lovers! Simply click on the "Buy" button to select your professional grade prints that will conveniently be packaged and sent directly to your home ready to frame and hang!"

Each print is available in Lustre, Glossy, or Mettalic finish and available in the following sizes and prices:

4x6   @ only $2.15 - $2.55    per print
5x7   @ only $9.99 - $ 10.25 per print
8x10 @ only $15 - $18 per print

Other sizes and  finishes available and can conveniently be browsed by clicking here:  C'est La Vie Events Fine Art Photography Shop.

Stay tuned for next week's featured gallery and make sure to browse previous galleries by clicking on the links above to find the perfect print!

October 7, 2010

An Eclectic Escape.

Design Plan for: 2-in-1 Dining/Living Room.
Client(s): Angie and Bob.

(click to enlarge)

Angie and Bob, an elegant and dynamic duo, found themselves needing to relocate from one city to another, and in the process were forced to move into a smaller living space. This move posed a challenge for them for many reasons. They now had to find a way to incorporate some of their gorgeous and traditional Family heirloom furniture pieces, along with a few of their more contemporary pieces, while keeping with their different tastes in Art and design aesthetics. They asked that I help them bridge the gap between their different decor tastes as well as fuse all of the distinct furniture styles into one cohesive and inviting space. The other requirement was that their living room also be used as a dining space. Angie provided me with a plethora of details and a vision to what she would like to see. After taking in all of these distinct elements, I went to work in creating a room I feel is inviting, visually appealing and functional.

Let’s Begin with the wall color, Angie explained that their living space had recently been professionally painted in a lovely linen-colored white and that the thought of having to re-paint over those walls, seemed quite daunting. Although I am a huge advocate for color on walls, I assured her we could inject color through other methods and make the space seem bright and airy. To add a touch of drama, color and unexpected whimsy my suggestion is to paint the ceiling a soft grayish-blue.  It is a “barely-there”color that will make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of the space.  By drawing the eye upwards, the room will automatically look larger and airier.

Here is a breakdown of the Design Board (for the living/dining space) with the numbered items below:
1-4. Represents the answer to converting a pair of 1980's peach colored sofa and chair set ( that Angie and Bob reluctantly inherited), into something more stylish and nuetral.  These flax-colored micro-suede covers will work to cover the look and feel of the 'seen-better-days' furniture pieces. Also, I selected these gorgeous pale blue throw pillows with a special bird motif (for added whimsy) as well as this comfy and cozy burgundy colored throw that works as the ideal warm hue to contrast all the other cool colors of this seating area.

5.  This graphic and bold rug is what I believe will not only tie all the different furniture colors and pieces together, but sets the stage for a truly eclectic and stylish home.  Talk about a conversation-starter. This will also work to delineate and differentiate the living and dining areas of the space, I love how the contemporary rug ties in with the contemporary black Buffet and the  black frames that will be surrounding the art-work.

6. Represents a simple, elegant and cost-efficient way to bring in color and style to old, dingy chairs. Angie owns a Queen Anne  cherry-wood desk that converts into a dining table along with 4 traditional styled chairs that have also seen better days. By adding these gorgeous blue-gray chair covers, it will not only add a tremendous pop of color to the dining area, but will work to contrast the traditional table with contemporary chairs avoiding the matchy-matchy look and bring cohesion to this eclectic space.

7-8. Angie and Bob already own a black buffet/side table like the one pictured here, however, to really set this area off and work to visually enlarge their small space, this gorgeous scalloped mirror will  look lovely placed on the wall over the buffet. To add ambiance and additional lighting, as well as pops of rich color, a pair of these Mica Table Lamps on either side of the mirror will make a lovely and functional vignette.

9. Angie and Bob asked that I incorporate two of their favorite art/photography pieces into their art-gallery foto wall. Angie's being a Van Gogh print and Bob's being a famous nature scene. To make both of these distinct art pieces work together, I chose matching black frames with white mats. The black and white also ties into the bold zebra rug as well as the black from the buffet table. I also made sure to take the burgundy and golden tones from the painting and incorporate it into decorative elements in the room - like the throw and the curtains. 10. Speaking of curtains, these golden-colored traditional style curtains spoke to me as the perfect window treatments for the  one large window in that space. The color, drape and style of these curtains will add a touch of elegance and class while working to unify the and bring out the other golden tones in the room. 11. Finally, a nice colorful platter with a grouping of pillar candles will make the perfect romantic, aromatic and elegant centerpiece for their Queen Ann desk/dining table.

Here is Angie's Testimonial in her own words:

"I  LOVE your design suggestions. You are GOOD! It pretty much approximates an updated version of my original living room of my beloved house that we sold 10 years ago!  We have begun implemeting many of your suggestions, your influence is palpable already - cannot wait to show you the after pictures!"

Here are some of the Before Pictures:


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