April 18, 2011

A Glorious and Gorgeous Office

Design Plan for: Office
Client: Evelyn

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Evelyn, a stay at home wife with a succesful catering business she runs from home, was in dire need of a space to call her own. An office where she could quietly work on invoices, correspondence with clients and everything else needed to run a business. Until now she had been doing all of her "office" work on the kitchen table sharing the space with all of her cooking utensils. Not ideal. The space she asked me to design was a blank slate, a small empty room Evelyn and her husband had currently been using as a storage room in their city apartment. A lover of the arts, she asked that I design a room around one of her favorite Paul Gauguin inspired prints, that I make it feminine with contemporary touches and that I inspire her to create even more amazing recipes. i was completely inspired myself, as I explained in this post, Gauguin is one of my favorite Impressionist Artist and so wiith this fresh, colorful, elegant and completely beautiful space, that is exactly what I set out to do!

Taking the gorgeous bright tones of saturated color from Gaugin's Tahitian landscape as accents, I decided to make the artwork the main focal point of the room by surrounding it against crisp white walls.  To give it the proper elegance it deserves however, I made sure to select a beautiful, traditional styled frame and matting that will be customized to the right dimensions. I then selected functional but stylish (and affordable) furniture pieces in the same crisp white but pulled the turquoise blues, violets, bright orange reds and muted yellows as the accessories in the space. I also managed to incorporate a few uber feminine furniture pieces, namely the ornate French styled throne - er I mean chair - for the queen herself.  In terms of textiles I chose a modern moorish pattern for the rug, and bright modern roman shades for the two small windows in the space. I was even able to incorporate her super feminine and cute rose colored Sony Vaio LapTop into the design.

Here is Evelyn's Testimonial in her own words:

At first glance my jaw dropped!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!!! As if it were more possible to fall in love with my Gauguin print, I am. I cannot wait to transform this space. You, like Gauguin are an artist! Incredible job!  Thank you a million times over!!!!!!!!!

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  1. This is just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!