April 1, 2011

An "Ode to Spring" Wedding

The beginning of Spring ( March 21st to be exact), is reason enough to celebrate -  well with the burst of new life appearing everywhere and fresh, vibrant color replacing the dreary, muted tones of Winter - who wouldn't want to throw a party? Now how about we combine the exuberance of the coming of Spring with (hands down) one of the most memorable events in a gal's life - her wedding - and you have a marriage made in heaven.... (pun intended :)

The "gal" I am referring to just happens to be one of my closest and dearest friends, and when she called me up with the news that she had found her Prince Charming and their nuptials were set for March of 2012 (after much screaming and jumping up and down with excitement and joy for her),  I set out to design an event worthy of this queen and her king!  All she asked is that I incorporate her love of the color purple and keep to their strict budget. I enthusiastically went to work creating a design that was simple, but sublime and embraced - in both color and concept - the beauty of Spring..

(click to enlarge)

Here are the detailed components for this event:
  • The grape purple and  apple green are the main color components I selected, combined with touches of platinum and white for a crisp modern twist, this palette evokes the vibrancy of Spring.
  • The purple and green invitations will reflect this traditional side flourish with a modern font for an appealing contrast.
  • The tablescape will be simple and fresh. Reminiscent of a garden party with purple linens, platinum table runners and simple folding chairs.
  • The centerpieces will be glass vases filled with green apples and touches of wild flowers in alternating heights. They will provide an organic, fresh and "edible" pop of color to the tablescape and are an excellent budget-friendly option to flowers.
  • For favors, the bride's talented brother in law is planning to make and assemble edible treats with personalized messages and poems that will be wrapped up into these cute and inexpensive platinum favor boxes.
  • The cake will be a simple, traditional white cake with touches of fresh flowers and miniature apples for decor. To go with the apple theme, one of the layers may contain an apple jam filling :)
  • For place cards, an aromatic miniature bundle of dried lavender sprigs will provide not only seating assignments but an added little souvenir for guests to take home.
  • The bridal attire will also reflect the freshness of Spring with apple green bridesmaid dresses, beautiful purple stilettos for the Bride and a sharp looking striped green and purple tie for the Groom;)
  • Finally, to satiate the palette, miniature bottles of Spring Water in Perrier bottles will be set out for all the guests to enjoy.
Here is the Bride's Reaction in her own words:
"Omg!! I Love it!!!!!! You went above and beyond with this design, everything is GORGEOUS, thank you sooo much, now I am even more excited than ever!"

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