June 20, 2011

A Sophisticated and Spicy Dining Space

Design Plan for: Dining Room
Client: Elizabeth (Beth)

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Beth and her fiance Mark, have recently purchased a Condo and will be moving in right after their August nuptials. Both are extremely busy with their careers and finishing the last minute details of their wedding and felt overwhelmed with the prospect of having to figure out what to do with their new home. They hired me to help them take off some of the load  by designing one of the rooms they consider most important  - since they are self-professed foodies and love to entertain - their dining room. As with most new homes, the rooms are currently boasting a boring "builder's beige" and they plan to transform each space, room by room.  After taking my Design and Style Evaluation, I determined their style was a mix of bohemian chic, and modern glamour with a touch of funk. They are also not afraid of bold statement pieces and colors. I eagerly went to work on a design plan that would embrace their fabulous personalities and provide them with the ideal dining space that would spice up their newlywed lives.

After showing Beth and Mark my inspiration source and starting off point as indicated here, I drew up the proposed color palette and materials guide:

Beth and Mark fell in love with the concept gave me the go-ahead. Working with their budget allowed me to mix high and lower end pieces into a fabulous, cohesive space full of sculptural furniture pieces, bold statment making art pieces, (like the two prints from my Far East Art Gallery that were captured by me in Thailand, more on how to purchase prints from this gallery in a future post), as well as a touch of Glam factor with materials such as the glass table and chandelier as well as the laquered panton chairs. The gorgeous settee was actually a fortunate find from craig's list that will be re-upholstered in a beatiful bold red fabric that is also functional enough to work in a dining area.  The wall color will be a subtle, barely-there silver satin from Benjamin Moore that in most light actually looks white. I chose these gorgeous espresso wood as the ideal flooring choice to ground this stunning space.

Here is the Testimonial in Beth's own words:

"What an INCREDIBLE design! We are completely blown away!!! This is divine, simply divine!!!! It is amazing how you took our personalities and incorporated them into this gorgeous dining room!!!!! Mark and I cannot thank you enough, your work is spectacular! Our Master Bedroom is next!!!"

In need of transforming your own space on a budget? Please fill out my Design and Style Evaluation here or email me @ cestlavie.events@gmail.com.

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