November 6, 2011

Rocking Rococo

Rococo Design -  also commonly known as Late Baroque or Louis XV's - is overly ornate, uber luxurious and iconic for it's elaborate curves and elegant excess. Rococo decor style and furniture pieces were inspired from an era of great luxury and indulgence. It's hard not to appreciate the intricate details, rich fabrics and artistic curves. Glamour at it's finest.

Here are some fine examples:

A current design trend, and one of my personal favorites, is to pair one or two Rococo inspired furniture pieces with cleaner, more modern components in a contemporary setting. This brings instant visual interest and depth, and these intricate furniture pieces become beautiful focal points...

Stunning is an understatment, don't you agree?

Please stay tuned for upcoming posts on many new decor, event planning and photography projects coming soon!

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