August 31, 2011

My Design Picks - Restoration Hardware.

I recently had the opportunity to visit  one of Restoration Hardware's Outlet stores. I was quite literally a  kid in a candy store. As soon as I walked in salivating, drooling and coveting - oh so much coveting - ensued.

I absolutely adore their artisan quality craftmanship, global influence and sophisticated yet simple approach to their furniture and textiles. They sell authentic statement-making pieces that complete a room. Furniture that is made to last and is both functional and super stylish.

Here are a few of the items I wanted to take home with me:
(excuse the poor quality of the pictures, all were taken with my Blackberry.)

These 19th-century inspired wing chairs have been updated  with textural, cleaner fabrics, a nail head trim and an elongated shape. A modern approach to a classic design. I can see two of these used as accent chairs in a living room or dining room accessorized with a soft and supple throw or some modern and punchy throw pillows. Divine Seating.

This stunning oil-rub bronzed antique-inspired chandelier. The picture may not reveal the true size, but this baby is grandiose. Perfect as the centerpiece to a grand foyer or dining room. Its rustic appeal would look beautiful juxtaposed in a more contemporary setting or as the perfect complimentary lighting piece for a rustic, cottage-esque decor aesthetic. The price tag was also none to shabby.

Speaking of "Shabby." This farmhouse dining table had me at hello. Beautiful craftsmanship, solid and simple. Would look stunning paired with uber modern acrylic ghost chairs for a gorgeous contrast, or with a more traditional styled bench and two larger scaled head chairs. Also priced quite fairly.

My personal favorite however, was this one. The white wash on the wood, those pedestal legs, comfortable seating for eight. Ugh!  What's not to love? If and when we move to a space where I can have a formal dining room, this is the dining room table I want to marry. So beautiful!

Do any of you own pieces from Restoration Hardware? If so, how have you styled them, I'd love to see? They are truly statement-making on their own...

Speaking of statement-making pieces, I'll be back soon to share insight on why I think the "Parson's Chair" is one of the most versatile dining or accent chairs and why. 

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Merci Mon Amis...

August 22, 2011

End of Summer Sale 2011

As a farewell to summer ::tears::, I am hosting a fabulous End of Summer Sale on all of the fine art photography prints available for purchase in my ETSY shop - CestLaVieArt.  Please take advantage of this amazing sale valid from today, 8/22 through Labor day, 9/5.

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Many new project updates coming soon!

Merci Mon Amis<3

August 2, 2011

August Updates.

Can you beleive it's August 1st and that this summer is almost over!?! I can't! In disbelief with how time truly flies....

I don't know about you, but I plan to take full advantage of the remaining long, hot summer days to work on as many projects as possible, both client- related and my own always-present-and-growing list of DIY upgrades/changes to our humble Chateau. As always, I will be sharing those here, with you, my lovely readers.

Be on the lookout for the following posts coming soon:

  • A 12-hour apartment re-design. Took a blank slate of an apt. and converted it into a "masterpiece" using what the client already owned and a $100 budget.
  • Will be sharing recent photoshoots I've had the pleasure to work on.
  • A super creative, inexpensive, yet chic "chandelier" I DIYed with the most unexpected materials. Will be sharing a how-to for anyone else who digs functional craft projects.
  • Why the Parson's Chair is the perfect dining chair in my opinion, and much, much more...
Stay tuned and make sure to check back often for updates....

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Meci Mon amis...