April 6, 2012

A Condo Conversion

Design Plan for: Living and Dining Room in small City Condo
Clients:  Alexandra and Victor.

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Living Room

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Dining Room

One of my recent design projects is for a young, hip couple who are planning a future life together as husband and wife and were in need of a fresh start. They asked me to convert their small basic beige condo into something reflective of their modern design aesthetic while still providing them with the specific functionality they require.

They are both professionals and in need of a space that would be conducive to their living standards. Victor, an architect, specifically asked for drafting table that can double as a desk and works space. He also requested that I incorporate a rocking chair, as he loves the comfort they provide.  Alex, a chemistry teacher, asked that I incorporate lots of shelving for their plethora of books. Both of them rarely watch television, so I focused the design around a comfortable conversation area for them and their guests as well as a space that would provide them with color and cozy factor.

By selecting  modern, clean-lined furniture pieces that took up very little "visual weight" while still providing them with lots of practical use, combined with bright, bold accent pieces that reflect their taste for global inspired accessories; I came up with a space that mixes both modern minimalism with touches of Moroccan appeal.  I also made sure to keep the color scheme sophisticated and neutral with a medium-tone grey paint, Benjamin Moore's Stormy Monday 2112-50, while selecting  turquoise, chartreuse and rust color accents to really pop off the walls. These beautiful bright accents are also perfect for Spring and Summer and will really breathe fresh air into this space. Lastly, I chose a stunning architectural feature wall  by the use of a Moroccan inspired Stencil that will be painted with a platinum grey for a subtle tone-on-tone look. It will be a focal point upon entering the living room, and because it is done with paint, does not require the commitment of wall paper.

This project will be a multi-level process and I will be working closely with Alex and Victor to execute the details. We can't wait to see the transformation evolve.

Here is a look at the Before Pictures of this space:

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