May 31, 2012

A Beach Photo Shoot with the Grandparents...

I recently had the absolute honor to shoot some of the most important people in my life:  My maternal Grandparents, who are eighty-two and seventy-nine years young, respectively. My sisters and I lovingly call them "Nani and Tati" and not a day goes by that we not take for granted what a privilege it is to have both of them in our lives. These two are incredibly special to all of us and I wanted to commemorate them with a Photo
Shoot on the beach, one of their favorite natural settings. And so I traveled all the way to Jensen Beach, Florida near their home to make this special moment happen.  They also allowed me to style them and I believe these shots captured their unique, interesting and comical personalities and  relationship dynamic to a tee! Here are some favorites from that day:

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  1. you capture emotions so well. you get better and better with every shoot. I'm next! :)
    Congrats on such a beautiful job.

  2. Thank you Fary!!! You bet, I'd love to do maybe an 8th year anniversary photo shoot?;)