July 2, 2012

A Kitchen Re-Model

Design Plan for: Kitchen
Clients:  Nick and Gio

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My most recent Design plan is for a dynamic, young-at-heart couple who have become empty nesters. They  are looking to soon sell their beautiful antique home and move into something smaller, more modern and that requires less maintenance than the vintage home they currently own.

To increase their appraisal value and potential re-sell costs, they realized their slightly out dated kitchen had seen better days. They commissioned me to design a contemporary, functional kitchen that would tie into the classic age of the house while keeping to their strict budget.  I set out to do just that and came up with something neutral, fresh and appealing to many potential buyers.

I built the design plan around three fundamentals:

1) A warm an inviting neutral white, that would read crisp, but not sterile. Benjamin Moore's Linen White was the perfect fit.

2) Classic designed wood cabinetry that contrasted with the warm linen colored walls and dark wood floor will read clean, crisp and contemporary.

3) Dark Wood Laminate floors treated with a special stain-and-traffic resistance finish that will be perfect for this new kitchen.

The rest of the items I selected will take this kitchen from super to spectacular!!!!

When I revealed the Design Plan to Nick and Gio, their enthusiasm could not be contained,they cannot wait to begin the Demo and implement the Re-Model!!!  I was so excited to have met their expectations and cannot wait to see the Big Reveal.

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