April 29, 2015

Spring, she's back!

Spring and all her glorious renewed beauty is finally back!!! (insert sigh of relief followed by a high-pitched "wee", here)  I don't believe I have ever anticipated an end to one season and the arrival of another, as I have this year. Winter was ridiculously long and cumbersome this time around. Do you agree?   I am all to enthused to wish him adieu till the moment we unavoidably must meet again, but I digress...

As natural light photographer,  Spring and her lovely sister season  Summer - affords me the pleasure of commencing my outdoor portrait sessions. When I'm back behind the lens capturing candid moments of love, joy, humor, and all the delightful displays of emotion between couples and families, I am most fulfilled. Most in my element. Most inspired...

This season has kicked off with two lovely but very distinct portrait sessions.

The first is the celebration of an incredibly special couple who have been together in marriage for more than six decades, three children, five grandchildren and four great-grand children. Sixty-five years of love, loyalty, dedication and unity:   

More of this special session to come soon as well as my most recent Spring session featuring a rambunctious little human and her parents. 

I will also  be sharing highlights of all the upcoming portrait sessions I will have the pleasure of capturing. Please stay tuned.

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