December 29, 2010

Elegant, Colorful and Whimsy Inspired Anniversary Party

Thirty years of wedded bliss is quite the significant accomplishment in this day and age, definitely an event to be celebrated commemorated and honored! My most recent client, a personal friend of mine, will be hosting a surprise anniversary party to celebrate her parents' thirty years of marriage. Their wedding was quite the simple affair so she asked that this party be extra special and memorable!  It was with great pleasure then, that I set out to design an event fitting of this lovely couple and their marriage milestone!!!!

(click to enlarge)

Here are the detailed components for this event:
  • The turquoise,brown and burnt orange color scheme was chosen by the client herself, I added a fourth component that will add just the right touch of elegance and old-world charm with the Gold. I believe the Saturated and classic combination is simply lovely!
  • The invitations will include an old-world styled medallion in this modern orange accent color and will include a combination of modern and classical elements. The chocolate envelopes will add rich contrast.
  • The tablescape will be simple but full of beautiful color with these turquoise tablecloths, chocolate runners and the gold chargers that will set the tone and accent the room.
  • The centerpieces will be a combination of simple and classic floral vases with these stunning roses as the show-stoppers. Alternating with these elegant old-world inspired candelabras with the perfect burnt orange taper candle. The floral tables will include these delicate etched mango votives as well to create the ideal romantic ambiance.
  • For favors, a monochromatic candy buffet displayed in apothecary vases will look stunning and bring in that element of delicious sweetness and whimsy.
  • This cake had me at hello. The design is edgy and whimsical, but wwith traditional accents that can be incorporated with those gorgeous chocolate roses.
  • And last but certainly not least is the elegant and delcious Merlot-Cabarnet wine bottles from Yellow-Tail that will not only add visual interest to the tables but satiate the thirst palette.

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Next up - details on the fabulous forties-glam meets NY lounge inspired 5th Year Anniversary Bash my husband and I hosted this year.

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    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my site, SAS Interiors! Your website is very inspirational and I look forward to checking back often. If you'd like to be a guest blogger on SAS Interiors, please let me know! I'd love for you to share some event planning or photography ideas! With being an interior designer and a blogger, great photographs are a must!!

    Happy New Year!
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  2. Hi Jennna, thank you very much for your wonderful words! Id love to guest blog on your site thank you so much for the invitation, I'd be honored.


  3. I like the color scheme and the cake is fabulous!