January 3, 2011

A Timeless,Transitional and Uber Terrific Living Room

Design Plan for: Living Room
Client: Yadi.

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Yadi, a super talented decorater herself, asked me to help her re-design her living room from a classically traditional and old-world styled space into something more contemporary, fresh and modern. The starting off point would be these fabulous traditional-styled wingbacks that are currently cherry wood and a pale-gold fabric.  I suggested she re-upholster these in a sophisticated and luxurious gold and black fabric and reinvent the wood with a black laquer finish. These amazing chairs, along with Yadi's request that I incorporate artwork from my Fine Art Photography Shop , inspired this design plan. I can say with all candor that this is one of the spaces I would like to see in my own Chateau C'est La Vie one day, Yadi and I have very similar decor aesthetics. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this design!

Here is Yadi's Testimonial in her own words:
"I am completely floored, this is jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS!!!!! I am In-LOVE with your design! You are absolutely the BEST, may God continue to bless you with such amazing talent!"

For more information on the details  and components of this fantastic design plan, please reply to this post, or email me to cestlavie.events@gmail.com with your questions and comments.

Next up,  the relase of two fabulous new Fine Art Photography Galleries - Chic and Ice. Stay tuned....

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