January 31, 2011

Your House Wants a Make-Over...

Is your living room, dining room or master bedroom craving for an upgrade? Is your kitchen, craft room or kids' bedrooms begging for a make-over? Are they looking tired, disheveled, outdated and depressed?

If you've answered yes to the questions above, then its time to give them the much needed transformation your house is craving, without breaking the bank!  You know why? Because I am offering some amazing discounts. Pay attention, details below:

In honor of our One Year Anniversary, C'est La Vie Interiors is offering a fantastic sale! From February 1st - 28th, you will receive an automatic 25% OFF all Services!!!!! For detailed listing of services and pricing, please click here.

Yes, you read correctly, that means you can beautify, transform and update up to two rooms in your home for less  than a Benjamin Franklin bill. Not bad, aye?  (This discount also applies to my in person decorating packages, event planning and design and even my photography shoots!) Please take advantage of this sale and  don't forget to share with family and friends!!!

Be kind to your house, he or she deserves it, and so do you!!!! :)

In more celebratory anniversary news, giveaways in the horizon. Fine Art Photography prints will be up for grabs! Stay tuned...

January 28, 2011

One Year Anniversary, A time to Celebrate!

February 1st will mark the one-year anniversary since officially launching C'est La Vie!  Let's drink to that!!!  In order to celebrate this great accomplishment, I will be offering spectacular sales and special giveaways (more details to come soon.)

I've also made a few cosmetic changes as is evident by our fantastic new blog header and logo, special thanks to Vladimir from ICU2 Productions who designed it! And as a girl who loves a good make-over, I've also transformed and updated the blog with a whole new look that I believe evokes a cleaner, fresher, more stream-lined appearance. Do you approve?  I hope so, because I LOVE it! Aghh, there is truly nothing like a little change to make you feel instantly fabulous!:)

As we move into our second year I will also be adding new services and products. For instance,  I now offer Style Identity and Branding Packages like the one I created  below for a recent client and friend.

Style and Branding Identity Board, Client: Melina

  (click to enlarge)

We determined her identity style was classic traditionalism with a slight modern twist. This inspiration board will aid her in everything from deciding what patterns and fonts to use for her business packaging, branding and digital media (i.e. blogs, logos); to what types of textures and colors she can incorporate into her home.

Here is Melina's  Testimonial in her own words: " LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The patterns and textures...soooooooo me!!! Seriously!!! The color palette , well I have just about each of those colors in my wardrobe!!! Love the font, love the motifs and decorative elements for digital and printed media, especially the top blue...that's my favorite color I think! I navigate towards it ALOT!!!! Oh and the mauves burgundy and browns...so pretty!!! OK I am very happy and impressed my dear.  Love that you got me...I love the classic style but not overly frilly and indulgent...like you said with a modern twist...WOW you are GOOD!!!!!" 

Each package will contain a customized color palette, suggested patterns and textures, font and motif options as well as fashion advice (when requested.) More information can be found on the Services and Pricing Information page.  (For one of your  very own please fill out my style questionnaire and email me to cestlavie.events@gmail.com and we can begin!)

Please stay tuned for all of the exciting things to come in this new year!  As always thank you so much  for your continued support and for making this first year a memorable one!!!!

(Don't forget to continue to suggest my Blog to friends and family, ask them to subscribe via email or become a follower via gmail.)

January 24, 2011

A Retro-Glam 5th Year Anniversary and More...

Would you like to see a few of my Event Designs come to life? I thought you might....:)

Let's start off with one of the more recent parties I designed and deployed, and one that is close to my heart. The 5th Year Wedding Anniversary Party that my husband and I hosted back in October of 2010, discussed here and here.  We wanted to celebrate our love and  the anniversary of our special day amongst our beloved family and friends. We also wanted something glamorous, elegant and joyous but on a strict budget (as I do with most of my soirees.) A Platinum Event on a Pauper's Penny, if you will, I beleive we succeeded!
 The theme I came up with was Retro Glam (think 30s and 40s, feathers, a little bling)  meets a modern NYC lounge (black and white -  even the guests came in black and white cocktail attire - moody candlelight, a top-notch bartender, and pops of silver and fuschia for visual interest.)

Here is the Event Design I came up with:

And here are the Day of Completion detail shots of the set-up and party day:

And the After right before the Bash begins:

More of the Details:
(The following pictures by Melina Diaz Fuentes.)

An unforgettable day.  Indeed.
(one of our favorite shots from our five year anniversary photo shoot.)

An then a few months later, I threw a  fabulous Rainbow Colored Themed Kids Party. It was all about color, candy and cartoon characters. Who wouldn't have fun with that?  I can guarantee this party brought out the kid in all of us!

Here is the Event Design  I came up with:

And here are the pictures of the "Day of Completion" where the party Came to life:

(all photography by C'est la Vie Photography unless otherwise noted.)

The kids had so much fun! However, its same to assume I think the Adults and Parents had even more;)

Looking to throw your own fun, fabulous and memorable event but don't know where to begin?  In need of a great Event Design  as well as the nitty-gritty on  all of the party planning details and how to make your event "come to life?" Then you've come to the right place, please fill out my Questionnaire and email me to cestlavie.events@gmail.com, so we can get started!

January 14, 2011

"Chic" by C'est La Vie Events Photography (Teaser)

Chic by C'est La Vie Events Photography

Teaser pictures of  the newest Fine Art Photography Gallery to be launched - Chic.  Inspired by Everything Glamorous, Elegant, Fashionable and Chic...

These prints will be available for purchase to frame and hang in your homes, offices or as the perfect gift for lovers of all things chic, fashionable and glamorous:) Information and details on how to purchase and more examples coming very soon...

January 3, 2011

A Timeless,Transitional and Uber Terrific Living Room

Design Plan for: Living Room
Client: Yadi.

(click to enlarge)

Yadi, a super talented decorater herself, asked me to help her re-design her living room from a classically traditional and old-world styled space into something more contemporary, fresh and modern. The starting off point would be these fabulous traditional-styled wingbacks that are currently cherry wood and a pale-gold fabric.  I suggested she re-upholster these in a sophisticated and luxurious gold and black fabric and reinvent the wood with a black laquer finish. These amazing chairs, along with Yadi's request that I incorporate artwork from my Fine Art Photography Shop , inspired this design plan. I can say with all candor that this is one of the spaces I would like to see in my own Chateau C'est La Vie one day, Yadi and I have very similar decor aesthetics. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this design!

Here is Yadi's Testimonial in her own words:
"I am completely floored, this is jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS!!!!! I am In-LOVE with your design! You are absolutely the BEST, may God continue to bless you with such amazing talent!"

For more information on the details  and components of this fantastic design plan, please reply to this post, or email me to cestlavie.events@gmail.com with your questions and comments.

Next up,  the relase of two fabulous new Fine Art Photography Galleries - Chic and Ice. Stay tuned....

Want to transform your own space on a budget? Please fill out my Decor Application Here or email me @ cestlavie.events@gmail.com.