February 1, 2013

A Romantic "Old San Juan" Engagement Photo Shoot

As I sit here editing away on my most recent photo shoot - a passionately romantic engagement session - shot on location in Old San Juan, I am swayed by the rhythmic melodies and cadence of the tambourines in Salsa Music. How fitting to be serenaded by Latin music greats such as Gilberto Santa Rosa and Marc Anthony while working on an epic shoot for a couple who is head-over-heels- in-love and meant for each other in every way possible.

My beloved friend Olga and her fiance Daniel asked me to commemorate their love with a photo shoot in the country of their origin -Puerto Rico- and I enthusiastically accepted!  Shooting an engagement session with a background like the gorgeous and historical Old San Juan area of Puerto Rico is a dream come true for a Photographer like me; so many incredible architectural marvels, bright colors and charming character to be inspired with..

I began thinking of a Stylized concept for this shoot, something a little different, reflective of these two unique love-birds. I thought it would be fitting to have them dress in traditionally-inspired clothing, (i.e. Guayaberas) something classic and timeless, indicative of the landscape surroundings and their rich heritage.  I pitched this idea to Olga and Dan and they were completely on board!

And so, after hopping a flight from frigid New York to Sunny San Juan, on a perfectly crisp and picturesque Saturday afternoon, we shot the "love story" of Olga and Dan, a session profound in character, culture and passionate love...

Be on the lookout for more of this couple, as I also have the honor to collaborate with another great wedding planner (her brother-in-law), in making their wedding day one they will never forget. Details and plenty of pictures to come...

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  1. Evelisse. U.February 03, 2013

    Que Brutales!!!!!!! Bello, Bello, Bello!!!!!

  2. Paige GonzalezFebruary 04, 2013


  3. que belleza!!!!!!! me encanta!!!!!!!

    Marili Ramirez