January 18, 2013

A Princess Pink Nursery

Design Plan for: Girl's Nursery
Clients: Sigris and Otniel

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My most recent client Design plan is for a lovely young couple from the Dominican Republic who were recently blessed with a healthy and gorgeous baby girl!  Sigris and Otniel asked me to help them transform their spare room into a soothing palace perfect for their little princess, and I gladly accepted.  As requested by the couple, I used the existing pink and green crib bedding that was gifted to them as a start-off point, I went to work creating a delicate, feminine, yet elegant space. (Or shall I say, two spaces, I will explain below.)

As an interior decorator who is deeply passionate about her work, I take extra care in determining exactly what my clients' needs, wants and preferences are. Specifically in cases like these, where the entire project is completed  via electronic correspondence  (i.e. internet, email, skype, etc), and I am not able to physically asses the space. Due to this factor, I make special note of the responses I get from my clients in their initial Cest La Vie Design and Style Application Form. I also send various correspondences with detailed questions to request as much additional information as possible. My goal is to acquire as accurate a picture as possible of their space and vision before I begin to work on my Design Concept.  All this back and forth can be a lot of work but absolutely necessary to provide an ideal outcome.  Interestingly enough, this does not always guarantee the  Design Concept I come up with will necessarily hit the nail on the head. There are times when my clients might love some of the aspects I have chosen, but are looking for a different feel, color scheme or style.

Case in point, after undergoing the process detailed above with my client Sigris, I came up with the following Design Plan - Take One: A nod to Vintage/Victorian elegance with a color scheme of barely-there green, rose and lilac. I chose delicate fabrics, sophisticated touches and a classic feel that I knew would easily transition this nursery into a little girl's room and even (in the future) a tween room by switching out the crib and some other minor details for more grown-up furniture. Here is the first Design Concept:

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My client loved this first Design, but was definitely looking for something more reflective of her aesthetic and that would read more "baby nursery." So back to the drawing board I went and created the design displayed in the beginning of this post.  The result? Success!!! This was exactly what she was looking for:  A space with pops of bright pink and green accents and little details that are un-mistakenly meant for a beautiful little baby girl to enjoy! A happy marriage of both Designer and Client, this is what interior decorating is all about and what I love about my work - creating spaces that reflect the personalities of the individuals that will be living and enjoying them! I aim to please my client, even if it takes one, two or three times to create the perfect room!

Here are the Before pics of her space:

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