June 25, 2013

A "Stroll in the Garden" Engagement Shoot.

My most recent "First Comes Love" - more colloquially known as Engagement Shoot -  was for a young, fun, and in-love couple - Alex and Mark.

They chose the location, the gorgeous -  Brooklyn Botanical Gardens - along with a few signature accouterments and on a Sunny Saturday afternoon in New York we set out for our shoot. The day was a tad humid and quite hot (in the high 80's) but that did not deter our mission - to take a nice long stroll through those lovely gardens while I captured this couple's amazing friendship, undeniable love for each other and most of all their super fun dynamic, there was a lot of laughter that day. A Lot.  Which is good. Laughter makes me smile and makes my camera happy, didn't you know? :)

 See for yourself....

Stay tuned for many more upcoming shoots, summer parties and the continuing saga of the remodeling of our humble abode.


Lyra G.

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