July 12, 2013

An Elegant Maternity (Family) Shoot

My most recent photography shoot was for a two-time return client,(you can see one of her previous shoots here) and beloved friend, Rocio. Ms. Rocio was  pleasantly surprised earlier this year with the amazing news that she was expecting!!!! She is over the moon with happiness and those that love and know her are overjoyed for her!!! She will now have the complete package, a Baby Boy for her "Baby Girl" (who is now 17, but will always be her baby in her eyes...)

As soon as Rocio asked me to take her Maternity Shoot I began conceptualizing the feel I wanted to capture. I wanted to emit the ethereal purity that surrounds a woman with child. The soft elegance. However, I also wanted to embrace her gorgeous glow with some glamorous touches to make her feel feminine, beautiful and statuesque. Along with her husband and daughter these captures will be memories that her baby boy will be able to look back on when he's born and see himself in her womb.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this session as much as I enjoyed taking it. Stay tuned for more upcoming photo sessions, updates on our remodeling and interior decorating projects and an upcoming event I've been working on for the past months. It may or may not have to do with a Baby Boy to be...:)



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