March 28, 2014

My DIY IKEA Hack - The KLÄDSAM bird Mobile

Hello lovelies.

I'm back with another DIY home decor project and this time there is a bit of a fun twist. Some of you may recall the lovely yellow and grey "tweetie bird" inspired baby shower I planned and hosted this past July. you can click on this link or find all of the details to this event as well as many others I've executed under my Parties and Event Tab on this blog,  but I digress.

The fun and unique centerpiece I selected for that event was this Bird Mobile from Ikea, the KLADSAM.

It was a great hit, tied in perfectly with the theme and many guests  received the centerpieces as gifts to take home where they could hang a tweetie bird of their own. The design of the mobile has a  more modern/mod aesthetic to it which coordinates with many spaces,  but in my home which is definitely more of a traditional/vintage feel, did not work.

This is when I decided to get a little creative and attempt my own "hack" or transformation of this Ikea Mobile. From the original black and yellow, to this,  a nice cream colored mobile with a blinged out little tweetie! (pardon the bad picture quality, all taken with my phone.)

 Here is a close- up of Mr. Tweetie all glittered up and sparkling.

The process was quite simple really, albeit a bit time consuming and cost me $0 to complete.

 I just picked one of the craft paints from my collection  in my color of choice to carefully paint every single bar of the cage on both the inside and exterior sides as well as the top and bottom portions. This took about 3 coats. I wanted the paint finish to reflect more of an  aged and weathered appearance, so the paint job is far from perfect, it has character and speaks to vintage look I was going for.  As for Mr. tweetie himself, he received a make-over in the form of modge-podge+glitter=fabulous:)

I love the end result. Here it is hanging once more in a corner of my master bedroom embellished with some thrift store pearls for extra glam factor:

Once more, here is the before and after of my Ikea Hack:

I had a lot of fun with my first hack, I don't think it will be my last:)

As an aside, this modge podge+glitter formula was applied to more than just mr. tweetie, I took the liberty of applying this beautifying method to some other small decorative pieces in my home. For instance, I had a nice plain square glass vase laying around that  I decided needed a little pizzazz.  So I added the same "bling" process,  a dollar store fabric flower ( I removed the stems and the green plastic)  and then hot glued on to the top of the vase with a few loose pearls I had remaining from other projects. Here is the link to a quick how-to video I created where you can view the beginning of this transformation. And here is the final result. I really like how this sits as a simple but appealing accessory in my bathroom.

And that's it for this episode of DIY IKEA Hack and extras. I have plenty more DIY and up-cycling projects I've done recently that I will be sharing soon. On another note I am so thankful Spring is officially here, I just hope the weather soon warms up and the flowers start to bloom, because this winter has most definitely overstayed its welcome...

Till next time.


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