November 16, 2012

My Design Picks - Falabella Argentina

This post has been a long time in the making. While on Holiday this past August in Argentina, I had a serendipitous encounter with a fabulous home decor department store in Buenos Aires called Falabella.
 I excitedly convinced the hubs to accompany me on a little exploration through their design department properly called Decohogar.  I found so many covet-able accessories at amazingly discounted prices that had it not been for the need to have to wear clothing through the remainder of our trip, I would of dumped out said clothes and stuffed my luggage with these gorgeous and whimsical finds that I will share below.

First a little history on Falabella via Wikipedia, for anyone interested:

"Falabella department stores can be found in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.  Falabella Department stores sell a wide variety of merchandise including apparel, home furnishings, electronics and sporting goods.
The company was founded by Salvatore Falabella, an Italian Chilean immigrant, in 1889. In its original form, it was a tailor shop but today has become one of the largest retailers in South America."

And now for the goodies and some of my personal design picks.
(excuse the poor quality of the pictures, all were taken with my Blackberry.)

These vintage, Parisian inspired dress forms had me at "hello." So many incredible possibilities for these in master bedroom  (the organic color is is gender-neutral), a shabby-chic inspired living or dining room or even a large bathroom. Divine. Simply Divine.

I then found these patterned dress forms that are admittedly very feminine and soft, and would make the perfect accessory for a girl's room, or a soft and soothing bachelorete pad.

and as if you I wasn't already in-love with the above dress-forms and trying to conceive ideas on how to stuff them into my carry-on-size luggage, I found color-coded groupings of even more delicious mini-forms and other whimsical accessories at amazingly low prices ($15 U.S. and below.)

More Yuminess, in soft nuetral whites and grays....

and vintage blues and browns (my enthusiasm is palatable at this point by this blurry pic, I was walking around in awe just snapping away without much thought:)

next up,  I found some lovely dinnerware and table accessories that I very vocally drooled about. This cake stand is divine and could be used far beyond the Dining room or kitchen.

loved these dainty French-Country inspired dinnerware sets....

as well as these art-deco inspired cups and saucers in a lovely pale green and gold trimmed combo...

And for the more contemporary, avant-garde tastes there was a plethora of colorful artwork and accessories as well.

This is just a sampling of all of the adorable items found in this department store, that was a fusion of Pier One Imports, Home Goods at Ikea Prices. They are located in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, if any of you happen to be traveling there anytime soon, but I recently found out they also deliver internationally. Go check their website out, if nothing but to oogle eye-candy:)

Hope you enjoyed this version of my Design Picks,  I will be back with plenty of more blog content very soon.

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Merci Mon Amis...

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