June 5, 2014

An Island "Love Story" Engagement Session...

Hi guys! I'm back from my destination engagement and wedding session in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. It is not called La Isla del Encanto (the island of enchantment) for anything. Truly a gorgeous, lush setting and an even lovelier, livelier people. My most recent clients E and M, also happen to be beloved friends, which made it even more of an absolute pleasure for me to have captured the undeniable hapiness and passion both of these love birds emitted from their beings.

We started off with the engagement session, or "Love Story" as it is called there, with the Jardin Botanico de Caguas as our background, a place the couple chose. However, as with any shoot - the possibility of things not always working out as planned -  exists.   When we arrived to the Botanical Gardens we were told it was closed to the public because they were setting up for a special private event. Bummer.

 This set-back fortunately did not deter me - the photog -  nor this enamored couple. Especially when I realized  the outskirts of the property had more than enough beautiful and interesting natural settings for me to work with.

You can see for yourself with the following takes....

I then had the absolute immense priviledge to capture their gorgeous wedding day. Below a sneak peak. Stay tuned for a full post dedicated to the happy new couple and their memorable day!

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