October 3, 2014

A Sunset Beach Family Session

My last family session of the summers season (exactly one day before the official end of summer) was a doozie... Made such by the perfect weather - not too cold, not too warm -,  the golden natural light of the sunset with it's soft illumination on the Long Branch beach of the Jersey Shore and last but definitely not least, my lovely models.  A beautiful family featuring three generations.

The Puig family are beloved friends of mine, and repeat clients as you can see here and here. I was so excited to finally shoot and highlight their newest edition, a scrumptious little ball of rambunctious energy and unapologetic adorableness, my adopted nephew - Brandon. 

 See for yourself, tell me he is not completely delicious!?! 

A good selfie is always necessary when the opportunity calls for it:)

These mother/son bond moments are priceless.

How about the discovery of sand...Brandon seemed perplexed at first...but then he realized sand could be fun!

A lot of fun was had by all! 

Especially this little adorable human, who learned to love the beach like a good Jersey Boy should!

Hope you enjoyed some of the highlights of this lovely family shoot as much as I did taking it. 

Stay tuned, many upcoming Fall Photo Sessions and Projects to come!

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